MARP Authorizations

Directive 042: Measurement, Accounting and Reporting Plan (MARP) Requirements for Thermal In Situ Oil Sands Schemes sets out the requirements necessary to satisfy section 20(1)(k) of the Oil Sands Conservation Act. Section 20(1)(k) governs the methods to be used for the measurement of oil sands, crude bitumen, derivatives of crude bitumen, or oil sands products, or of other products or materials obtained from or used in the recovery of oil sands, crude bitumen, or oil sands products and the standard conditions to which those measurements must be converted.

Application Submission

The applicant submits its measurement, accounting, and reporting plan at a thermal bitumen scheme as required by Directive 042. The document is submitted to the mailbox. Staff monitor the inbox for submissions and save the files to a document management system as needed.

Review Process Summary for MARP

Staff review the submission to ensure that Directive 017: Measurement requirements for Oil and Gas Operations is adhered to for measurement devices. Staff also review the accounting and reporting details to ensure compliance with Directive 007: Volumetric and Infrastructure Requirements and Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER. After initial approval, licensees must keep, at the facility, an updated copy of the document with any subsequent amendments. The MARP document must be made available to staff upon request.

Recent Process Changes and Improvements

As the thermal in situ sector expands, there are more MARPs for approval and review. Current approval letters state that the licensee must submit an updated MARP annually to the In Situ Infrastructure Group. To adapt to the organization’s updates to its strategic plan and its new focus on risk-based regulation, an audit process is now in place that overrides the annual submission of MARPs. Transitioning to an audit review saves both industry and AER staff time. Licensees will only have to submit their updated MARP documents when selected for an audit by AER staff.