Temporary Field Authorizations


Temporary Field Authorizations

Use temporary field authorizations (TFAs) in the following situations:

  • To respond to client requests for incidental clearings or activities on public land
  • To respond to temporary changes in existing land disposition authorizations
  • To temporarily authorize appropriate land uses on public lands

The following is the process to follow to acquire a TFA. It includes links to relevant application submission procedures and guidance documents.

Application Submission

Applicants seeking “disposition operational approvals” or “temporary field authorizations” or having land-use-related inquires should submit their applications and requests to one of the email addresses listed below, based on the nature of their application. You should receive a response within two business days. Please include the legal land description (and disposition number, if applicable) in the subject line.

If you have general questions related to public lands, including the application process, please contact the Customer Contact Centre at 1-855-297-8311.


Review Process for Temporary Field Authorizations

The application will be assigned to a land use officer and will be reviewed for the following:

  • Completeness of application:
  • Application form
  • Sketch
  • Consents
  • First Nation consultation ( If required)
  • Other pertinent documents
  • Appropriate land use
  • Following of guidelines and regulations

After review, the decision will be made (approval, declined, or supplemental information request). The decision will be communicated to the client by e-mail. All forms and correspondence will be uploaded to the Knowledge Centre.

Application Timelines

The timeline for processing a TFA is up to five business days.