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Project Application


Currently, there are no estimated processing times for this application.

Purpose of the Application

We review formal disposition renewal and amendment applications alongside Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). For more information about the review process, visit the AEP website or read about our responsibilities under the Public Lands Act.

Approved dispositions are typically issued for a term of four years or more. Before the term expires, the disposition holder can apply to renew under section 18 of the provincial Public Lands Administration Regulation. Under section 18, a renewal application can be submitted after at least half of the term of the disposition has expired, but no later than one year before the expiry of the term.

Process Checklist

Submit an Application
Companies must submit their renewal and amendment applications through the Electronic Disposition System (EDS).

By submitting an application, the company accepts that its information is no longer confidential.

For a renewal, a company must submit

  • a renewal application and a statutory declaration, or
  • an amendment application and request for tenure.

In order to use the renewal or amendment/renewal application, the disposition must have

  • no changes,
  • a valid survey plan on file, and
  • been entered (i.e., site entry notification has occurred).

If these criteria cannot be met, the application must be submitted through the amendment process. This process is used for any dispositions that have changed since the original approval was issued. All documentation that relates to an amendment must be submitted with the application. The amendment and renewal will be processed at the same time.

Review Process

  1. We share all applications on our Public Notice of Application page to encourage public participation in the approval process.
  2. Anyone who believes that they may be directly and adversely affected by an application can file a statement of concern (SOC). If we receive an SOC, it may take us longer to process the application.
  3. We will assign the application to a subject matter expert for initial review. If information is missing (i.e., the application is not complete), we will close the application. Otherwise, we will proceed with a full technical review.
  4. We may request additional information (through a supplemental information request) to complete our technical review.
  5. We will decide to approve, close, or deny the application. If we close it, the applicant may reapply without prejudice. If we deny it, the applicant can file an appeal through our appeal process.
  6. We will send our approval letter directly to the applicant. The letter with our decision will be accessible through the Integrated Application Registry. We will also share our decision on our Publication of Decision page.